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Why Mobile Storage

Why Mobile Storage?

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What Exactly Is Mobile Storage?

As the name would suggest mobile storage is storage that comes to you. It takes all the hassle out of the storage process, it’s like having an additional room in the house that you can just send away when you’ve finished packing it and call it back when you want it.

Next question. Why mobile storage? There’s 1 major reason why mobile storage could be right for you. That is CONVENIENCE. The storage comes to you when you want it for as long as you need it and then it gets stored away until you need it again.

It's Convenient and Affordable

The main reasons people are using mobile storage is to declutter their homes, store while renovations are happening, move to a new rental property and just get some space for a little while. For as little as $3 a day, mobile storage provides the most convenient, affordable and flexible solution on the market.

What makes mobile storage the most affordable storage option is that the storage can be set as low as $27.50/week or $110/month, which is easily the most competitive price in the storage market. At Palmers We have a storage facility, where all SMS modules are stored undercover and we have a 24/7 security system to ensure all goods are safe throughout the time in storage. On top of this mobile storage doesn’t require you to lock yourself into any plans and because it is on wheels, it’s simple to get all your things back as soon as you need them. For flexibility and convenience mobile storage can’t be beaten

It Can Be Flexible

Most mobile storage providers will give you a flexible 7day window to get all the things you need packed and secured. Some providers even have all weatherproof trailers that can withstand anything that’s thrown at them. The best providers also offer a packing service as well, which means for those heavier items you can get some assistance or if you just don’t have time they can pack it for you.

On top of the convenience and flexibility many of the modules actually have a huge amount of storage space. For example our SMS modules can hold up to 11m3, which is more than enough space to easily pack away a one bedroom apartment:

  • 1 x Bedroom
  • 1 x Lounge Room
  • 1 x Kitchen
  • 1 x Bathroom

With all these features, it’s not hard to see why mobile storage is taking Sydney by storm. Sydneysiders are always on the go and for many of them the convenient, flexible and secure mobile storage option is perfect.

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