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Why Mobile Storage Is The Best Storage Option

Why Mobile Storage Is The Best Storage Option

Sydney Mobile Storage provides a new, affordable and above all convenient storage option called mobile storage.

A Sydney Mobile Storage Taxibox In A Drive Way

Mobile storage is a new, easier and cheaper way to put your goods into storage. It’s surprising how many people haven't heard of mobile storage/pod storage considering the large time and cost savings that it can bring. Sydney Mobile Storage is a mobile storage service that is a part of Palmer’s Relocations Group.

What Is Mobile Storage/Pod Storage? How Does It Work?

How is pod storage more convenient than traditional storage systems?

Mobile storage is a new system whereby we at Sydney Mobile Storage deliver a mobile storage container to your home for you to pack with your things, and then we transport the mobile storage container back to our facility.

The benefits of this new system are easy to see. You don’t have to load all your belongings in your car, drive them to our storage centre, unload them, pack them in your storage unit and then in most cases repeat this over multiple trips. We know that this is an exhausting process, especially for those with small cars, mobility problems and who are tired from their jobs. That’s why Sydney Mobile Storage’s philosophy is that the storage company should do the heavy lifting for you. We are more than happy to take it off your hands.

Sydney Mobile Storage delivers your storage box straight to your door. It is then easy to move your possessions from your house into your container. Then, when you’re all done, we come and get the box from you and that’s it!

But what about getting your belongings back from our storage centre? That’s just as easy. We will deliver your storage box back to you, free of transportation fees to anywhere in Australia when you want to retrieve your belongings. You won’t be tied down in a city by your belongings and you won’t have to drive at all to go and retrieve them. What’s more, Sydney Mobile Storage doesn’t lock you into any contracts or plans that prevent you from getting your belongings back.

Two Removalists Packing A Sydney Mobile Storage Taxibox

How Is Sydney Mobile Storage Flexible?

Is Sydney Mobile Storage right for my storage needs?

Sydney Mobile Storage is the best option for most people’s storage needs because it’s extremely flexible. We give you an ample 7 days with the storage container to pack it until we come back and collect it.

Furthermore, our storage modules are large enough to fit ample amounts of possessions and they should be large enough for a wide variety of people. Our storage modules are 11m³, which is enough to hold the contents of:

  • 1 × Kitchen
  • 1 × Bathroom
  • 1 × Lounge Room
  • 1 × Bedroom

It is easy to see that Sydney Mobile Storage is a storage solution for most people, most lifestyles and almost all storage solutions. If you can see yourself using an ample 11m³ of space, then you should definitely consider Sydney Mobile Storage.

How Is Mobile Storage Cheaper Than Traditional Storage Options?

How can Sydney Mobile Storage save you money?

You would think that all this extra service and convenience would cost an arm-and-a-leg, but in fact, mobile storage is cheaper than traditional storage options. How can this be? Part of the reason is that we can can pack the mobile storage boxes more efficiently than storage lockers. We also have a very streamlined storage system that is in many ways cheaper than providing the facilities for our customers to do their own loading and unloading.

This is why Sydney Mobile Storage offers free delivery for the first month! And each subsequent month is as little as $110 on our monthly deal. We also stock storage materials to keep your belongings protected, including boxes, bubble wrap, tape and wrapping paper.

Mobile Storage Taxi Box From Palmers Out Side A Sydney Home

How Secure Is Sydney Mobile Storage?

Is pod storage at Sydney Mobile Storage more or less secure than the alternatives

Our centralised storage facility has full 24-hour surveillance, complete perimeter security and advanced systems in place to recognise and respond to suspicious activity. It is hard to find a safer place than our storage facility against trespassers.

And your belongings are also safe from environmental damage. We take special care in ensuring that our facility is always clean and dry, and the facility was designed to resist leakages and damage.

It can definitely be said that Sydney Mobile Storage is a far safer option for storing your possessions, than keeping them in your house, or with a traditional storage service. No house has the environmental protection that our well-engineered facility has, and other traditional storage centers have non-employees walking around in them constantly. This is just another reason why mobile storage is the storage solution of the future.

Our Removalists Can Load Your Mobile Storage Container For You

Our removalists can go the extra mile to take all the heavy lifting off your hands

With the mobile storage model, the only physical lifting that you have to do is of your belongings into the container. But even this is option with Sydney Mobile Storage, because we are happy to have our specialised removalists do the job for you.

There are many reasons why we recommend that our removalists do the heavy lifting for you:

  • You don’t have the time.
  • You are tired from your job.
  • You have been advised by a doctor or physiotherapist to avoid heavy lifting.
  • You are elderly.
  • You simply dislike heavy lifting. A perfectly understandable reason!

Book Your Storage Box Today!

If you would like to enjoy the numerous benefits of mobile storage today and for the rest of your use of a storage service, you should book a mobile storage box online for just $3.50 per day. Or, call us on 1300 363 916 to book it over the phone or for more information.

Sydney Mobile Storage is a new storage solution that is cheaper, more convenient, faster and more secure than traditional storage options, so there really is no reason not to get on board with mobile storage today.

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