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Cheap Storage For Students In Sydney

Cheap Storage For Students In Sydney

Whether you’re a local or international student, there may come a time when you need storage, especially if you have moved out of home in order to study or just to get away from your parents.

Students From Asia, China and Japan Studying Storage Facilities

If you are a student in Australia and especially if you are an international student, there is a good chance that at some stage in your university career that you will need an affordable storage option. You might be visiting your family back home or for local student, the draw of overseas travel may be too great for you to resist.

At the same time, if you choose to move back home, some of your belongings may need to be stored in the interim to make sure your family home doesn’t become to cluttered. A smart and affordable storage option can be used to store for when you choose to move back out again.

Why Students Need Storage

There are a number of reasons why students might need storage in their lives, usually however it’s not for the same reason as home owners or businesses. More often than not, young people store for travelling reasons. This could be to return to your country of origin or to travel the world as many of us tend to do. If you have moved out of home, the chances are that you will have a lot of things that you are unable to take with you. That’s where storage come in, offering young people a way to store their things while they don’t need them at an affordable price.

Another reasons could be that you are moving back home after a period being moved out. Whilst you are waiting to move into a new place you might need to consider storage for your larger items that won’t fit in your family home such as lounges, tables and cabinets. Storing them in the short term while you find a new place to live is a great to make sure your things stay safe and secure while not clogging up your family home.

Storage is a great way to save money, but is sometimes also a necessity, such as when you lease is up and you are unable to move into a new place or haven’t found a new place to live yet. You could need a place to keep your things, so it’s important to know what options you have to store in Sydney.

The University Of NSW in Sydney Where Storage Is Provided To International Students

Mobile Self Storage For Students

When you are looking to store in Sydney, as a student storage can seem far out of reach as prices spike on storage lockers in our expensive city. However, a mobile storage box could be just the storage solution you are looking for. Much cheaper than traditional storage methods, mobile storage can hold the equivalent of one fully furnished apartment or approximately 11 refrigerators. Is the perfect storage solution for students while they are travelling, as you are able to cheaply store your things and have them redelivered when you move into a new place. This can save you thousands in rent money that you can spend on travel instead.

Mobile storage is the perfect solution for students both international and local. Get your storage box delivered to you anywhere in the world! If you move home, you can have your storage box shipped over to your home country with ease! Similarly, if are moving from back to your home outside Sydney, we can deliver your box to you no matter where you are in Australia.

Mobile storage makes it easy to store your things, with the storage available to be delivered to your apartment, share house or just outside your campus. That means you don’t have to drive or have a car to deliver your things! This is especially beneficial for international students who may not have an Australian licence. All you have to do then is move your things into the storage box and then one of our experienced team members will come to pick it up and move it into our secure storage facility. We are committed to making storage as easy as possible, finding the right solution for each of our clients needs.

The University Of Sydney Where Students Are Able To Rent A Mobile Storage Box

Container Storage

Container storage is useful for when you have multiple items you need to store. It offers a much larger solution to the mobile self-storage box, while still being able to be transported. It is a great way to store and then get your things re-delivered, especially if you are moving back overseas. A Storage container can hold the contents of an entire house and if fully temperature controlled to ensure that your belongings stay safe and secure.

Using container storage is the best way to move your belongings overseas with proper protection from the elements.

Storage Units

A storage unit can be a good option when you need to access your belongings while you are studying. They are good for both short and long term storage, are fully secure and can be accessed 24/7.

Storage units can be handy for short term storage to, as you are able to quickly move in and out of storage at your own pace. All our storage lockers are fully temperature controlled and protected from pests and water damage.

Storage For University Students

You can find out more about or storage options and more by filling out our quote form or calling 1300 363 916 for more information on our storage solutions for students. Sydney Mobile Storage offers students in Sydney the most affordable option for storage. Universities we have stored for include;

List Of Universities In Sydney

  • The University of NSW
  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Technology, Sydney
  • Macquarie University
  • Australian Catholic University
  • Western Sydney University
  • Charles Sturt University
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Wollongong
  • University of Newcastle
  • JMC Academy
  • International Collage of Management
  • Australian College of Physical Education
  • Western Sydney Institute
  • Raffle College of Design and Commerce
  • Billy Blue
  • Ultimo College
  • Enmore TAFE

We can service any university in NSW, so call today to find out about our storage services and quality service. We can help international students with all their needs helping them become accustomed to Sydney life and keeping your things safe and secure.

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