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Mobile Storage: Packing Supplies & Tips

Mobile Storage| Packing Supplies & Tips

Are you stressing out trying to figure out how to pack your stuff? Do you know which packing materials are best for storage? Many people think that packing is a simple task that just involves stuffing things into a box, very few consider the damage that can be caused if your things aren’t packed properly. It isn’t nearly as easy as some may think!

You’d be astounded at the difference between our expert removalists and packers and your own abilities. Not only to prevent things from damage but how much more they can fit into the same space. It’s also important to have the right packing supplies before you have your mobile storage unit delivered. It’s up to you whether you get your packing materials from the storage company you are using or you buy them yourself, whatever option you choose you NEED packing materials.


It is important to have the following:


Cartons are needed for packing your kitchen, breakables, bedroom, bathroom, lounge room, garage etc. There also different types of cartons to use when packing also.

  • Tea Chests – The standard size box used for general household goods
  • Port-a-Robes – Used for Clothing and Shoes
  • Art Cartons – Specifically made for art works
  • Book Cartons – Used for Books/Magazines, DVD’s, smaller household items (kitchen, bathroom,garage) – smaller reinforced cartons so they can be packed with heavier items and easily lifted
  • Wine Cartons – Made specifically for packaging wine – grooves are built into to hold bottles securely
  • Bike Cartons – For packing bicycles safely and securely
  • TV Cartons – 30” – 70” TV Screens
Pads & Plastics:

Pads are used for your much larger items such as your fridge, lounges, sofas, washing machine/dryer. Pads are used to protect your larger household items during storage. Plastics are used to protect pillows, cushions, mattresses and lounges that are not leather.

Butcher’s Paper:

Butcher’s paper is used to wrap your kitchen goods, breakables such as plates, glasses, bowls, vases, and to fill space in your carton. It also prevents any damage to those items.

Bubble Wrap:

Bubble wrap is specifically used for art


Tape is the finishing touch. You must use tape to seal your boxes and any other items that will be transported during the move.


Packing materials when moving into storage

There are many ways to pack your goods into cartons but to make it easier for you, here a few easy tips to take note of when packing…

Use The Correct Cartons:

It’s always important to use small cartons such as book cartons for heavier items i.e. books, DVD’s, kitchen/bathroom items and the large cartons such as tea chests for linen, pillows, soft toys etc.

Wrap Your Goods:

It is important to use as much crush (butchers paper) as possible when packing away your kitchen and breakables. Example: As you pack your plates/dishes, and cups away, wrap crush around each one, then wrap five or six together with more crush. And use plenty of the butchers paper as padding above and below in your carton.

Fill The Space:

Try not to leave any space in your cartons. Filling the spaces of the carton with crush, will benefit what is already inside as it will provide extra protection and also prevent the box from being crushed when packed away into the storage unit.

Label Your Cartons:

One minor detail that many people seem to forget is that you must remember to accurately label your boxes. There are many cases where whole modules or containers have to be unloaded and opened up to find one box due to them not being labeled.

Labelling will help you organise your space in the storage unit as there are many items which you may need access to in the future that you do not want to go hunting for.

Tape Up The Cartons:

It is important to seal all cartons and ensure nothing is sticking out of the top before you load them onto the module/storage unit. If the box is heavy, ensure to use extra tape to reinforce the bottom of the box. This will prevent the box from braking at the bottom.

We hope that these tips will help you with any of your upcoming moves or storage needs. If you still want more advice or you would like some professionals to take care of the storage for you you can call Palmers on 1300 363 916

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