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Sydney Mobile Storage FAQ

Find out everything you need to know about our service.


1: What is Sydney Mobile Storage (SMS)?

Mobile self-storage is simply self-storage that comes to you. Think of us putting your self storage unit on a trailer and bringing it to you, so you pack it, we collect it and store it until its ready to be returned.

2: What are the advantages of mobile storage?

Apart from the obvious convenience of the storage unit coming to you, it has many cost saving benefits from the traditional hiring of a truck or trailer. Furthermore the additional delivery is free.

3: Is SMS more expensive than traditional self storage?

No! It’s actually cheaper and more convenient. Mobile storage allows you to eliminate the cost of hiring movers, moving equipment or making the trip to your nearest storage facility.

4: When can I access my mobile storage?

We can deliver your mobile storage 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) from 6am to 5pm. We do need 24 hours notice though. It’s simple to organise access you just need to click here.

5: How big is a SMS Unit?

The biggest in the market !!! Our storage units hold 11 cubic metres which is the equivalent of a 1 x bedroom fully furnished apartment. This equates to 70 x large removal boxes or 11 x full size fridges for example. The actual dimensions are 2.8m tall, 2.5m deep and 1.7m wide.

6: What are the units made out of?

Unlike many other companies we don’t use covers to conceal our units. At all times the storage unit remains in the trailer at your residence ensuring it is free of rain, dust and winds. Our unit is all weather sealed and hand built from high grade aluminium and steel.

7: So my SMS Storage Unit is completely weather resistant?

Yes it is! We don’t give guarantees if a hurricane should strike Sydney but otherwise nothing is getting in that box.

8: Is my Mobile Storage unit secure while on my property?

Absolutely! We will provide you with a lock and key that only you will have access to. On our end we have an exceptionally secure facility with 24/7 security, Bonded (AQIS) approved storage as well as regular pest and fire audits. We use Wheelock technology that will stop anyone from towing it from your premises without your permission.

9: What about Insurance?

Palmers as a representative of the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA) have the ability to provide insurance against unforeseen circumstances. Whilst insurance is not required, we recommend you consider it for peace of mind to protect your valuables. This can all be done through our on-line booking system.

10: How many Storage units will I need?

As a rule of thumb, you require 1 x storage module per bedroom. So a 2 x bedroom home will require 2 x storage units. Most people start with one and increase units as packed and required.

11: What areas of Sydney do you service?

We can deliver anywhere within 50km of Sydney Metro. As long as there is a parking space or level driveway, our mobile storage units can go anywhere.

12: How do I keep my belongings from shifting during transit?

Follow removals good practice, something you can read here (put link in). More briefly, heavy items should be placed at the bottom of your load and fill in as much space as you can. We can also provide moving blankets for extra protection should this be required.

13: How much does a SMS Storage Unit cost?

The initial delivery of the mobile storage unit is free of charge. Storage is set at $27.50 per week the most competitive rate in the marketplace.

14: How do I pay for my SMS Unit?

SMS utilises an online secure payment gateway. Once you book, we charge the first 4 weeks storage in advance along with any packing supplies you have requested. You will then be automatically deducted for your storage weekly unless you elect for payment via direct transfer with our office.

15: Is there a deposit and is it refundable?

No deposit is required; you simply pay the first 4 weeks of your storage rental in advance. Should plans change, we will gladly refund your storage fees should you provide 7 days’ notice of the cancellation.

16: If I decide to collect my things from the Sydney Mobile Storage facility will there be a charge?

SMS simply charges you a handling fee of $55.00 to locate and place your SMS unit somewhere where it is easily accessible for unloading.

17: What if I need my items urgently?

Preferably we would like 24 hours notice before you come to the facility. We do understand that sometimes things are more urgent so in those instances, we charge a $100 emergency access fee per module plus handling.

18: How much time do I have to load/unload my Sydney Mobile Storage unit?

You have 5 days to load it and then we’ll come and pick it up and store it in our facility. It’s the same on the other end, 5 days to unpack, and if you only need a few hours that is fine too. If you need longer than 5 days there may be an additional charge.

19: Will Sydney Mobile Storage load my unit for me?

We offer professional movers for hire who can help you pack the unit in the most efficient way possible. They can also help you unload the unit as well. A charge of $66.00 per hour will apply plus travel per removalist.

20: Are there any items I cannot put in my Storage Unit?

For safety reasons you cannot store the following items

  • Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods
  • Flammable or hazardous goods
  • Firearms, munitions or explosives
  • Illegal goods
  • Food or perishable goods
  • Living plants or animals
  • Waste

21: Can I pack flammable objects in my storage unit?

No flammables are to be packed into the module, this includes: Fuel and gas canisters, paint thinner and turpentine, lighter fluid, aerosol cans, liquid fuel camping stove and tank/fuel containers and carbon dioxide (dry ice).

22: What happens if I don’t get my SMS Storage Unit packed in time?

It’s OK and no need to worry. Give our friendly customer service team a call and if you need assistance, we can send out a team member to assist with loading.

23: Do you provide any packing materials?

We have a standard free pack that goes out with every Sydney Mobile Storage Unit. That includes 5 moving blankets however for a full load you normally need 15 or so depending on whether it is mainly boxes or furniture. For additional materials you can purchase one of our premium packs when you book the unit.

24: How do I organise re-delivery of my Sydney Mobile Storage Unit?

Simply give us a call on 02 9742 6662 and we will schedule the date. We require 7 days’ notice.

25: How much does re-delivery cost?

The re-delivery fee is set at $165.00 which is payable upon the re-delivery of your storage belongings.

26: I only need a unit for a short period of time, is that ok?

Our minimum booking period is for one month. If you want to have the unit for only a week, that’s ok but you will still need to pay for the full month.

27: Can you move the unit interstate?

We do interstate removals through our partner Palmers Relocations. The unit is designed to fit with their method of transport. As a fully national removals provider they can take you anywhere you need to go.

28: Where is Sydney Mobile Storage Located?

Sydney Mobile Storage is located at 15 Mayvic Street, Chullora NSW, where you can visit your storage box at any time.

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