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How To Prepare You Home For Auction

How To Prepare Your Home For Auction – Sydney Edition

Selling your home is a very stressful experience, waiting for someone to make a bit or, god forbid, going to auction, can leave you on the verge of a nervous breakdown. That’s why we have made a list of tips for preparing your home for auction, giving you a checklist for success so you get the best return on your home.

Family Preparing To Sell Their Home In Sydney NSW

With the recent housing market in Sydney there has been high importance placed on making your home look as good as possible for sale. People are looking to maximise the amount they can get from their home and proper preparation can go a long way in doing that. Depending on how much time you have to plan for the sale and open days, you need to start thinking about how you can implement a strategy to get the most out of selling your home.

With proper planning and foresight, selling your home can be much easier than first thought. Below are a few of our tips for getting the most out of selling your home, use this guide to get ideas and add to your own!

Paint Your Interior

Putting a fresh coat of paint on your home can completely revitalise it. Many people want to see their new home as a fresh canvas that they are able to add to. So rather than painting a feature wall or using out there colours, you should think about using a plain white finish or more neutral colours. This can help your home look more open and much fresher. This can also be a good time to cover up any holes, fix any cracks and take anything off the walls.

Using white paint or neutral colours can also help make your home seem bigger to potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint is also much more appealing to buyers, so this can really drive up to potential value of your home. You can do it yourself or hire a professional, which will cost a bit more money but could mean a higher return on your investment.

Repair And Fix Any Problems

You never got around to repairing the window or fixing the leaking tap, but now it’s time to finally knuckle down and get these DIY jobs done. People don’t want to have to fix and repair a new home unless they are planning on renovating. But most people are not looking to fully renovate a home so fixing all the problem parts of your home is important.

If you want people to spend massive amounts of money on your home, it’s important that they know that the place is up to scratch. Making sure that everything works properly and looks good is important for making sure your home sells. You don’t need to go overboard with this, like adding a completely new feature, but just fixing and making sure your home quirks aren’t the type that are going to scare away potential customers.

A Well Styled Home In Sydney Ready For Auction

Clean And Declutter

The next few points feed into each other and are recommendations that you can use to clean up your home. The first and most important is to clean and declutter your home. Well before auction day you should make sure that anything you don’t need any more is gone or stored. This also helps with moving out in general, as you will have less things to move on moving day.

Cleaning will, of course, be finalised right before open day or auction day, but it’s a good idea to start the cleaning whilst you are decluttering. Clean those places you wouldn’t usually bother with and that people might not see all the time. Things like cupboards, wardrobes and sheds are all on display in an auction, so it’s important that they look presentable. People will want to look in these places to garner how much space the home has so this is an important factor to consider.

Have A Garage Sale

One great way to get rid of some of your belongings that you no longer need is by having a garage sale. A garage sale is a good way to sell off your old things that won’t fit in your new home or to use the money to fund new things for when you move. Rather than throwing things out, use a garage sale to make some extra money for other things you might need to do around the house such as painting or repairs.

Store Items

Storing some of your belongings that clutter your home or that don’t fit the display of your home can be a great idea to get your home ready for inspection. When getting your home ready storage can be extremely useful for a number of reasons. You can store you unneeded things in your storage locker to give your home a fresh look, clearing out some items that you want to keep but don’t want there for auction day.

Also if you are considering staging, which is renting furniture for the auction, then you are able to store your things for when you’ll later need them. So you use other people’s furniture to make your home more profitable, then when you move out, your things are ready for you in storage. Using Sydney Mobile Storage, you could have a storage box or boxes at your home to pack up your things, then delivered back to you when you move into your new home. This takes out the need to use a removalist and make storing a lot easier for you.

A Beautiful Exterior Of A Home Ready For Auction In Sydney Australia

Accentuate Features Of Your Home

If your home has unique features that you want people to notice, then make sure they do! Make sure that the unique features of your home are on full show by accentuating them as best you can. This could be simple things like cleaning the pool or having space around certain features like a fire place or interesting stair case to show them off.

You also want people to know about the features that they might not see or get to experience. It’s important to have some features of your home written down that you want people to know about. Things like air conditioning, heaters, the oven, stove and cooking surfaces. Also use this to tell people about the local area which they won’t have experienced as much as you have. All these things give buyers a better idea of what they are purchasing and makes it more likely to be interested in the property.

Get The Right Agent

There are a number of factors you need to consider when choosing the right agent to sell your home. The main concern will be the charges of the agent. There will usually be charges for advertising so make sure you look at the advertising they have provided for other homes. Also look at their track record in the area and make sure they have a good record of selling homes for good prices.

Find out their strategy for selling the home and assess whether you would yourself buy a house off this person. The choice of agent is an important one, if they don’t sell themselves to you, how are they going to sell your home?

Things To Do On The Day

Here’s a quick check list of things to do on the day and the days leading up to it, remember you are trying to make your home look as nice as possible whilst appealing to a wide audience:

  • Take down family photos – this helps buyers to better imagine themselves living in the home rather than looking at you and thinking of you as the current owners.
  • Get rid of air fresheners – instead open a window or cook something that makes the house smell inviting. You don’t want the home smelling synthetic and some people are allergic to the chemicals admitted by air fresheners.
  • Buy new towels – buy new towels for the bathroom to display, a simple touch to make the space seem homelier. It also has the added bonus having new towels!
  • Set the table – set the table to allow people to know how it would feel to eat and live in the space. It also makes the space seem more inviting and look more liveable.
  • Make sure all your cupboards are clean or clear – people are going to be looking in your cupboards to assess the space there is in your home, so make sure that they are presentable or even better store the things you would usually have in your cupboards in a storage unit until after the inspection.
  • Flowers to lighten up the home – Put flowers in your home to brighten up the space and make your home seem more natural.
  • Light up your home – make sure your home is full of as much natural light as possible, make sure no curtains or blinds are closed.
  • Provide refreshments – provide simple refreshments like a simple baked good, tea and coffee.
  • Clear the driveway (if you have one) – keep the drive way clear to make the home seem more inviting and allow people to get a full scope of the outside of your home.
  • Play some music – music is a great way to create a soft enjoyable environment.

The last tip is clean, clean, clean. Make sure the home is fully clean before open day or auction day. So simple things can go a long way to making your home look beautiful and attractive to buyers. Hopefully you can use these tips to sell your home and get a great price!

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