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4 Important Things To Consider When Choosing Your Storage Solution

4 Important Things To Consider When Choosing Your Storage Solution

With thousands of storage lockers, boxes and containers across Australia, it’s easy to see why storage can be an easy option to clear space and clutter in your life.

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Why People Store

There are a number of reasons why you might be looking to store.

People use storage for a variety of reasons, to save things they can’t fit in their current space for later use, to hold things that they don’t use very often and to store their belongings while they move. When you are thinking about moving into storage, you need to consider a number of things that can have positive benefits to your time in storage and make the move into storage easier over all.

When downgrading your home and office space, you may need to put some items you don’t see yourself needing right then and there into storage. Similarly, if things are just lying around your home, you might not need them and can store them for later if you ever do. When moving house, either locally or overseas, storage is often used to store your belongings while the move is in process. You can’t always move out of your home and into your new one on the same day, so storage is great for keeping all your things safe while you wait to enter your new home or office.

Short Term Or Long Term Storage?

Are you going to be storing your things over the short or long term?

When you go into storage the first and easiest question to answer is if you want to store over the short or long term. For people moving out and looking to store while they move, short term can be perfect. Short term storage is also perfect when you are renovating your home and need a place to store your items while you are upgrading your home or business. Short term storage can be extremely useful for any situation where you need to store large furniture or equipment for a short period. There are also a number of storage options that are perfect for short term storage which we will get into below.

Long term storage is the other usual time frame, usually used by people who need a place to store things they don’t need constant access to. Things such as furniture, office equipment and machinery for when you are downgrading your space or looking to create more space in your home or business. You can also store season belongings like ski gear, outdoor furniture, surfing gear, camping gear and other things that you only need part of the year. This clears space in your home for unused items. Also storing things such as wine and documents that you might not have the ideal storage area for can be useful for the long term. Not everyone can have their own personal wine cellar which is why having a place to store wine and access at any time can be perfect.

What Am I Looking To Store?

Are you storing expensive items? Office equipment? Fragile furniture?

What you want to store will have a big effect on your storage as different personal effects require different types of storage and protection while in storage. You want to make sure that what you are looking to store will also fit into the storage option you choose. For example, you might be looking to store some machinery that you have replaced and are looking to sell. You don’t have the room for it so you put it into storage. This will require you to make sure that all the parts stay protected as well as having the ability to move the machinery easily. These are all things to consider when moving into storage.

Personal property such as furniture, electronics and other precious items will need to properly protected while in storage and may require a temperature controlled unit. If you are looking to store wine, this might need to be kept in a separate wine cellar at the place of storage for optimal conditions. The main thing to remember is that you need to make sure that whatever you are looking to store is protected and can be accessed in the way you need it.

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What Type Of Storage Should I Use?

With a number of options which storage solution is right for your purposes?

There are a number of storage options available, each with their pros and cons. The most well-known type is a self-storage unit or locker located in a storage facility. These can be used to store items that you might need to access part of the year. It’s also a good option if you are constantly taking things out and putting things back in. The storage lockers at Sydney Mobile Storage are also climate controlled and fully water and mould proof so that is one less thing to worry about.

Another option is mobile self-storage (our specialty!) which is handy for small to medium moves for the short and long term. Mobile storage is useful as it can be moved from place to place as you need in. So if your renovating it can be delivered, packed up, stored, then delivered back to your home for easy unpacking once your renovations are finished. It is also the most effective for when you are moving home as the storage pod can be stored for a short period then delivered back to your new home.

The final option is container storage, which can be most useful for big items and overseas moves. When you are moving big items such as machinery or a large stock inventory, climate controlled storage containers can be the best option. They can be delivered to your business or home and packed there, ready for storage. So if you have large items it’s like a 3 in 1 service in that you get packing, moving and storage in one. Also when your moving overseas, storage containers can be used to ship your home or office contents. This is an easy and effective way to move multiple belongings overseas.

Should I Get Storage Insurance?

Do you need to insure you belongings for when they are in storage?

We always recommend getting insurance especially if you are storing expensive things or using a storage container to move overseas. But the choice is up to you and when you store with Sydney Mobile Storage things rarely go wrong. But insurance can also protect from any unexpected damages that could happen and includes the transporting of storage pods and containers to the storage facility, the most likely time things would get damage. When you are looking at storage insurance consider how much your things are worth and how likely they are to get damaged. Our storage facility is fully secure and protected from flooding, pests and mould through temperature controlled room.

With those things in mind, give us a call today to discuss your storage and how we can help you planning your move into long or short term storage. Call on 1300 363 916!

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